God Help The Girl

Limited Edition Vinyl and Film Package


Limited Edition Vinyl and Film Package

$ 29.99


Special limited-edition bundle includes feature film Vimeo download as well as God Help the Girl double 180-Gram LP with Mp3 download card.

Contains brand-new songs by Stuart Murdoch sung by the film’s cast!

Also includes re-recorded or remixed versions of previously-released God Help the Girl tracks. Additionally, it features the original version of Belle and Sebastian’s “Dress Up in You”, plus dialogue and bits of score from the film.


01 I Suppose That Was A Prayer
02 Act of the Apostle
03 I Dumped You First
04 Pretty When the Wind Blows
05 I Know I Have to Eat
06 God Help the Girl
07 The Psychiatrist Is In
08 The God of Music
09 If You Could Speak
10 The Catwalk of the Dukes
11 Perfection As a Hipster
12 Fuck This Shit
13 Pretty Eve in the Tub
14 A Loving Kind of Boy
15 What Do You Want This Band to Sound Like
16 Come Monday Night
17 Collective Idiocy
18 I’m Not Rich
19 I’ll Have to Dance With Cassie
20 Stalinist Russia
21 Baby’s Just Waiting
22 Musician Please Take Heed
23 I Just Want Your Jeans
24 Invisible
25 The World’s Last Cassette
26 Down and Dusky Blonde
27 Dress Up In You